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Portable Toilet - Porta Potty - Porta John - Portable Potty - Toilet Closet - Renta Potty

Call it whatever you like... We've got ya covered!  

They say cleanliness is next to Godliness and we couldn't agree more. We offer special event portable toilets in every state in the good ole U.S.A. We can also provide Construction portable toilets, porta potties for weddings, concerts, festivals, etc., to any city or town in the nation. Need a after hours emergency portable toilet delivery? We'll do everything we can and then some to get your portable toilet rentals to you regardless of the time of day it is you realize you need a porta potty or several porta potties. 

Portable toilet rentals are available in a variety of styles. Standard toilets are, well, just that.. a standard portable toilet. VIP Portable Toilets are first grade, like new and have hand wash sinks or hand sanitizers. Having portable toilets and high usage requires pumping. We can provide pumping service to fit your special event time frame need and routed service is like clock work. You'll always know what day and around what time we'll service you portable restroom. We also have Solar operated restrooms with RV style flushing toilets and a sink with running water..

There's not a lot to say about portable toilets. For the most part, the toilet itself isn't important as long as it's in nice condition... But a brand new portable toilet rental that isn't clean... well, it might be a new porta potty, but if 'ti ain't clean... who cares if it's new. SERVICE is of the most important and we recognize that it's not the price of a portable toilet, nor is it the portable toilet rental color critical. It's cleanliness pure and simple and we go above and beyond to ensure you're always happy with your rental toilet!

A few portable toilet tidbits.. 

Toilets are also called: privy, latrine, water closet, or lavatory. Contrary to urban legend Sir Thomas Crapper did not invent the toilet. And Boston, famous for man firsts, was also the first hotel to plumbing. Trues, in 1829, the Tremont Hotel of Boston became the first hotel to have indoor plumbing, and had eight water closets built by Isaiah Rogers. Until 1840, indoor plumbing could be found only in the homes of the rich and the better hotels. Which means that prior to 1840, pretty much everyone had a portable toilet right in their back yard! Wonder if retails had a public outhouse for customers... 

Scott Paper Company sold the first toilet paper on a roll in 1879, but toilet paper in roll form wasn't really all that common until 1907. And for the record, a roll of Scott Toilet Paper lasts longer than any other roll of toilet paper. 

Portable Toilets for Construction Remodels, Concerts, Festivals, Golf Tournaments & More...

Special event portable toilet rental in New York is pretty darn fancy compared to other states.

Your Wedding Porta Potty Can Be Dressed Up With Just A Little Imagination! And DIY Saves $


You need to rent a Porta Potty... What do YOU call them? We asked around... Boy were we surprised at some of the answers... 

Portable Toilets ... Porta Pottys ... Porta John ... Crapper ... Renta Potty ... Porta Lu ... Portable John ...

And A Few We Can't Put In Print

But the truth is: well maintained & clean portable toilets make a difference in what they are called.

Our Portable Toilet Rentals Are Prestine - Just Ask The Brides On A Budget Who Rent From Us!

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