​Large Capacity Mobile Laundry Trailers & Commercial Laundry Trailer Rentals Available 

Mobile Laundry Trailers rentals & sales are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Offering Large Capacity Washer Mobile Laundry Trailer rentals & Commercial Laundry trailers, we are one of the most trusted names in the mobile laundry trailer industry. Listed below you will find our most requested and readily available mobile laundry trailers:

4 Set Laundry Trailer Rentals - Mobile Laundry Rentals 

Less than 25' in length, the 4 Set mobile laundry trailer rental is very popular. After all, the majority of only do laundry once weekly, so a 4 set mobile laundry trailer will easily accommodate 40+ people with proper scheduling,, appropriate hours of operation and courtesy, a 4 set will work just fine for many small needs. These sets can be connected directly to sewer, if authorized. Should sewer not be readily available or accessible, a 2000 gallon grey bladder will be provided. A Garden hose can be provided on request. We generally include a 50' hose but if you believe your onsite water source will require additional hose, please let us know at the time you make your reservation. If a direct fresh water source is not possible, again, please let us know so that we can provide a fresh water containment bladder. 
Power Requirements for this all electric laundry trailer is TWO - 50AMP Connections.

6 Set Laundry Trailer Rentals - Mobile Laundry Rentals 

Featuring a 6 set of Large Capacity Washers & Propane Dryers, these rental laundry units can be utilized virtually anywhere. Fresh Water Bladders are available for locations where a water source is not readily available. Power requirements vary from trailer to trailer, but at minimum, a 50 AMP Connection will be required.  These laundry trailers will direct connect to onsite sewer if available. And, if not, Grey Bladders will be provided. Note that mobile laundry trailers are major grey water producers. Each washer will generate approximately 25 gallons of grey water for every load it handles. This adds up quickly. Example: An 8 Set laundry trailer operating for 10 hours daily will clean 8 loads per hour, every hour for 10 hours. 8 x 10 x 25 Gallons of grey water =  2000 Gallons Grey waste every hour. 

8 Set Laundry Trailer Rentals - Mobile Laundry Rentals  

As is the norm, this mobile laundry unit provides 8 Sets of washers and dryers. The washing machines are large capacity and not all, but most of our mobile laundry rentals operate on propane dryers. Propane operated units require larger propane tanks if rental will be heavily used for an extended rental. All mobile laundry rentals are available for direct connect to onsite water & power sources, or we can include potable bladders and grey waste bladders for containment.

9 Set Laundry Trailer Rentals 
The 9 Set mobile laundry features a roomy interior with overhead lighting and both rear and side door entrances. Large Capacity washer - dryer sets are available in an attractive environment, almost like home. These trailers feature windows on each side, folding tables and overhead lighting. The 9 Set is by far our most popular and request mobile laundry trailer rental.

10 Set Laundry Trailer Rentals - Mobile Laundry Rentals 
The 10 Set Mobile laundry trailers are for the most part, in tractor trailers. All tractor trailer mobile laundry units come with stairs. Featuring all electric washers and dryers, these units are ideal for long term mobile laundry trailer rental needs. 

12 Sets Mobile Laundry Trailers (Less than 40 Ft in Length)

Nearly half of our inventory is equipped with 12 Washers & 12 Dryers. These units feature propane heated dryers, hot & cold fresh water connections and folding tables. Exterior lights provide for after dark operation. Power Requirements: One 50AMP Connection
Water Requirements: Hose Spigot & Water Source or we can provide fresh water bladders and water hauling upon request.
Grey Water: Direct Connect to Sewer or we can provide grey water bladders and upon request, hauling and disposal of grey waste water.  

12 Set Mobile Laundry Trailer in 53 Ft in Length Tractor Trailer(s)

The 12 set mobile laundry rental in tractor trailers are housed in 53 Ft tractor trailers. Featuring Electric Dryers and Large Capacity Washers, these large units are also able to be connected directly to onsite sources. Power Requirements: Minimum 100AMP Connection

​We are reputed to have the nicest mobile laundry trailers in the industry. Guests will find our laundry trailers roomy, extremely clean and comfortable. Offering multiple configurations, the majority of our trailers require only a water source and a single 50AMP twist lock connection and if needed, we provide a water, water storage and generator power. 

Fluff & Fold Service is available for a minimal charge.

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