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Designed specifically to meet the needs of disabled persons, ADA Compliant Shower Trailers and ADA Compliant Restroom - Shower Trailer combinations meet the criteria specified by the American Disabilities Act.  

Available ADA Shower Trailer Rentals

Single ADA Compliant Shower   .   Single ADA Compliant Shower & Restroom Trailers 


ADA Compliant + 2 Standard Private Showers (ADA + 2 Model)

ADA Shower Trailer + 5 Shower Trailer

Large ADA Shower Trailer + 10, 14, 18 Standard Shower Stalls


ADA Compliant Portable Shower

& Restroom Trailer

Portable Shower Trailers w/ADA

Portable Shower Trailers

Portable ADA Shower Trailers / ADA Portable Shower Rentals - Combo Toilet Trailers / Mobile ADA + 2 / Portable Showers ADA + 10 - +14

Portable Shower Trailers Are Mobile Shower Facilities & Are Available In A Variety Of Sizes And Styles. Self Contained ADA Shower Trailers Available Nationwide 

The Portable Showers we offer in our inventory include ADA Compliant Mobile Showers, Portable ADA Shower & ADA Restroom Trailer Combos & Single ADA Self Contained Trailers. And, not all ADA Shower Trailers are created equally. There is a difference between a Portable ADA Shower and a Portable ADA Compliant Shower Trailer. We offer both ADA Compliant and ADA Non Compliant Showers. Both are accessible, but the difference could be as minimal as a handrail that is 1" lower or higher than Federal regulations states it must be. ADA Compliant rentals will proudly display the current compliant decal.

ADA Showers require a larger footprint when positioned for use. So keep this in mind when planning your event layout. It is critical not to block fire lanes or remember that ADA Shower guests must be able to easily access the rental.  As a rule, single ADA shower rentals will feature on-board potable water and waste tanks and require only a single power source or generator to qualify as completely self contained. Hot and cold water Sinks, Running Water, Ample Lighting, Mirrors, A/C and Heat provide equal facilities to those with special needs. Our inventory also includes Winterized ADA Shower Trailers. 

For those with long term rental needs, we offer custom ADA Shower Trailers. Let us know what your ADA Shower or ADA Shower Restroom Trailer needs are and we will be happy to design a custom ADA Shower, ADA Restroom or ADA Shower-Restroom combination trailer for you. 

Largest Inventory of Portable Shower Trailers In The USA

HUBZone Certified, EDWOSB Certified, WOSB Certified & SDB  

Emergency Showers - Same Day Delivery Available



Portable Restroom Trailers

​​​​​Portable Toilets, Restroom & Shower Trailers 


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Luxury Shower Trailers & Portable Restroom Trailers, Luxury Restroom Trailers for Events, Production & Construction
Short Term Rental Shower Trailers and Long Term Portable Shower Trailer Rentals Available.

ADA portable shower trailers and ADA portable restroom trailers are available for emergency delivery. We understand the importance of meeting Federal Compliant Guidelines. ADA Shower rentals are not as plentiful as standard shower rentals and it is highly recommended you reserve all ADA equipment, including ADA Showers, as far in advance as possible to guarantee your event meets compliant requirements. ADA shower rentals are available by the day, week, month, six month lease or longer.

Rentals vary in size, number of shower stalls and style. Cost is based on a number of factors: Shower Trailer rental term, number of shower stalls in your Shower Trailer, location and additional equipment needs, such as a Generator, Potable Water truck or grey water disposal.  We are available 24/7 to answer questions and can provide Same Day Delivery for most Emergency Shower Trailer Rentals. Feel free to call 858.602.6639.

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New ADA Shower Trailers Available

Mobile ADA Compliant Trailer + 14 Stalls