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  • Do I need water & power for these mobile restroom trailers?

    • ​All toilet trailer rentals require power. If shore power is not available, a generator can be utilized to ensure your guests have lights, A/C, etc., The majority of these smaller models are referenced as being self-contained portable restroom trailers if they feature a on-board fresh water tank. The fresh water tank is nearly always smaller than the black waste tank. Every restroom trailer rental has a black tank and these tanks are larger than the fresh tank to make sure there are no overflow incidents.  Rental toilet trailers that have both fresh and waste tanks allows for use in remote locations. So, yes you need power and water for your mobile restroom trailer. But keep in mind that it is highly likely your unit features a fresh water tank which allows you to plug in and use immediately without any other effort. ​

    • WATER REQUIREMENTS: These trailers, like all rental toilet trailers, are water fed by a standard garden hose that is connected to a hose spigot.

    • POWER REQUIREMENTS: 2, 3 & 4 Stall restroom trailers usually require One (1) or maybe Two (2) 110v / 20amp connections or a generator.

  • My wedding is being held at either my Mom's house or Uncle Bob's farm. Will a portable restroom trailer be able to be used in the city? I am not sure yet which property it will be held at but I do know that Mom is not thrilled with the idea of so many people, many she doesn't know well, roaming freely through her house.

    • ​Good question. These trailers, although relatively small, do require at least a little space. Let's talk about your Mom's place. If we have access to your Mom's backyard and there's room AND the access has no height restrictions that would keep us from pulling through the access (roof height should be checked for side gate access) ... it is possible we could actually place your restroom trailer in the backyard where it would be extremely convenient to guests. If the trailer won't fit in the backyard for whatever reason, no problem. We can more than likely place your little luxury wedding restroom trailer in front of the house with the doors at sidewalk level. Just open the side gate, decorate the walkway that leads to the restroom trailer, place signs that indicate where your wedding bathrooms are and trust me, people will find and use them!

    • As for Uncle Bob's place. If it's a country property, there's high probability that he's on a septic system, so you will want a restroom trailer. Large groups can be very hard on septic systems and cause problems. If Uncle Bob has a farm, staging your plush wedding restrooms will no problem whatsoever.

  • How far in advance should I reserve my toilet trailer?

    • Six months is good, Nine months is better. Be prepared to put a deposit down. Generally, deposits are non refundable, so make sure to inquire about deposit requirements and policies.

  • These porta potty rental trailers look beautifully decorated in the pictures shown. Can I expect my rental to look just like the picture?

    • It depends on the unit and your location. Please let us know what your expectations are. We will go above and beyond to provide anything and everything you need... Including attendants that will cater to your guests needs. 

Four Stall Porta Potty

Restroom Trailers

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Restroom Trailers

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Like their smaller sister, the 3 stall will fit almost anywhere, provide you with a perfect wedding restroom trailer that you can add your theme colors and / or props to and know that later, they will remember the dress, the kiss and the reception... But they will also remember the absolutely gorgeous restroom trailer rental! 

Many gatherings, restaurants, public places may only require two or three stalls total. Our smaller trailers offer private rooms with locking doors, running water, porcelain toilets, vanities and space to move around in. We offer standard to luxury three stall mobile restrooms.

Onboard Fresh & Black tanks, these little beauties need only a single 110 outlet or plug & they're ready to go!

*Also Available w/ 2 Stalls & an ADA

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Portable Restroom Trailer Rentals



Available in a variety of interiors. For weddings we recommend one of our beautiful wedding restroom trailers. These very upscale toilet trailers feature onboard fresh tanks and waste tanks and require only a single 110 outlet. Flushing Porcelane toilets, plush interiors, vanities, mirrors, faux granite countertops, faux wood flooring, exterior lighting and running water make these ideal for Weddings, Festivals, VIP Events and On Location Film Shoots as well as Disaster Response and emergency mobile restroom needs of retailers with water or plumbing issues. For those with customers and in need of Mobile Bathrooms due to plumbing or water issues, we can usually make an emergency deliver for you.

We can provide a generator if power is not readily available. Solar Flushing Portable Restrooms also available.

Most small portable restroom trailers require less than 17' x  16'  in position, anD that's true for 2, 3, & 4 stall toilets.

Two Stall Porta Potty

Restroom Trailers

Portable Restroom Trailers w/ 2 Stalls, 3 Stalls & 4 Stalls



Although there are not near as many 4 stall portable restroom trailers as there are 2, 3, 7 & 9 stall toilet trailers, but those we do have are quite nice! As a general rule, all event restroom trailers arrive beautifully decorated or at least ready for your final touches. Add electric candles, perfume / cologne, disposal combs and hairspray and with faux wood flooring, granite or faux granite counter tops, timeless cabinetry, very nice lighting both inside and out and upon request, an attendant, guests will be in awe at your taste in decor.

The four stall porta potty restroom trailer is perfect for medium sizeweddings, corporate functions, events, emergency retail restrooms and office remodels. 

If you have a footprint that is 15' x 16' that will more than meet the need of a unit in use.

The onboard fresh & black tanks can accommodate more than 400 uses.