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Same Day Delivery Available for those in need of large portable showers, festival mobile showers, Disaster Relief Showers and emergency response showers. We specialize in Shower Trailer Rentals with special expedited delivery for Emergency Response Showers and portable toilet trailer needs. A FEMA Provider, we offer these large shower trailer rentals for those with commercial shower rental needs.

There is a difference between event shower rentals and festival shower rentals. Festival shower trailers generally have common dressing areas and rarely have private dressing areas for each shower stall. However, most specialty shower trailers, the larger mobile shower rentals, do offer a private dressing area with each shower stall. The majority of these units feature exterior sinks with hot & cold running water, although we do have several models with interior sinks. Mobile Showers with exterior hand wash sinks tend to help minimize lines during heavy use periods.

 Large Mobile Shower Trailer Configurations

  • 16 Head Shower Trailers usually have 8 shower stalls for women & 8 shower stalls for men.
  • 17 Head Portable Shower Rentals may be divided into 7 shower stalls for women and 8 shower stalls for men or 17 same gender shower stalls.
  • 18 Head Mobile Showers provide 9 shower stalls or women and the same number of shower stalls for men.
  • 20 Head Shower Trailer Rentals provide 10 shower stalls for women and 10 showers for men
  • 22 Head & Larger Shower Trailers are usually, but not always, festival style shower trailers. Let us know if you must have dressing areas.

Water Requirements: Although some of these units do feature onboard portable water storage, those tanks must be filled once the shower trailer has been set up. A standard hose spigot or fire hydrant is all this required. And if neither is available, we are happy to provide potable water delivery and additional tanks as necessary.

Power Requirements: Vary anywhere from a single 50amp connection to 100amps. Many of these units have on-board generators that can be utilized.

Waste Water Storage: Large bladder pillows are the standard for these massive shower trailers. 

Space Requirements: Ranging from 43' to 53', it takes a pretty good size footprint to ensure guests have room to access the stairs leading up the showers. The large shower semi trailer units will need up to 56' x 18' or so.

Attendants: A technician is usually assigned to our rental showers. We understand that we are the shower trailer experts and that we have a responsibility to provide the cleanest showers in the nation. We can provide shower shoes on request.

Whatever your portable shower trailer rental or portable restroom trailer need may be, we are your one stop solution. Not everyone knows exactly how many shower trailers or bathroom trailers they need and for those who need us to calculate for you, we're happy to assist you. Shower Trailers, Restroom Trailers and Portable Toilets are our business. We also boost the largest inventory of ADA Shower Trailers in the USA.

What Does It Cost To Rental Mobile Showers? It depends on what size shower trailer you need, the style, how long you need portable showers and where we deliver your rental showers to. All Shower Trailers rent by the day, week, month or even year.  

Additional equipment needs, such as a Generator, Potable Water truck or grey water disposal will also affect the pricing.  

We are available 24/7 to answer questions and can provide Same Day Delivery for most Emergency Shower Rentals. Feel free to call 858.602.6639 with any additional questions or to reserve equipment.

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