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Do I need water & power for these mobile restroom trailers?
​All toilet trailer rentals require power. If shore power is not available, a generator can be utilized to ensure your guests have lights, A/C, etc., The majority of these smaller models are referenced as being self-contained portable restroom trailers if they feature a on-board fresh water tank. The fresh water tank is nearly always smaller than the black waste tank. Every restroom trailer rental has a black tank and these tanks are larger than the fresh tank to make sure there are no overflow incidents.  Rental toilet trailers that have both fresh and waste tanks allows for use in remote locations. So, yes you need power and water for your mobile restroom trailer. But keep in mind that it is highly likely your unit features a fresh water tank which allows you to plug in and use immediately without any other effort.

All portable restrooms require a water source. A hose spigot or even a fire hydrant are excellent sources, or we can provide water delivery & bladders.

All portable toilet restrooms require shore power or generator power. Power needs range from One (1) 110v / 20amp for smaller bathroom trailer rentals to 50amp for the huge tractor trailer large toilet trailer rentals. Power requirements are discussed for any restroom trailers at the time you make an inquiry.

I have access to sewer. Can I connect the trailer directly to sewer?
For our smaller trailers, there are TWO answers to that question. Yes and No... And it is a very good question. For the large tractor trailer toilet trailer rentals, the answer is NO... The largest of trailers must be pumped.

Back to the smaller trailers though. Let me answer by first explaining that waste tanks are gravity fed. That said, if a black waste tank is connected to sewer, all the liquid will run downhill into the sewer. That sounds like the answer is yet, but it's not. You see, the liquid in the restroom trailer waste tank will empty... BUT the waste and heavy saturated tissue will not. The end result, especially in hot weather, will be a trailer with an empty tank gauge that is full of waste. For guests who use that trailer, THEY will know it's not empty as those folks inside the trailer will smell all that waste that is just sitting in the tank as the vapor, or odor if you will, makes its way up through the toilets. That was the 'NO' answer. Is there a way to do this and avoid these consequences? Yes, there is... but it's not a five minute job to do it and if it's not watched... look out because waste overflowing is not fun to have to deal with. Still want to know the 'YES' answer? Here you go: It requires someone to keep an eye on the gauge and when it gets close to full, with the sewer hose 'in' the sewer, someone will need to open the valve near the tank outlet to allow everything to flow down hill AND at the same time, someone needs to take a garden hose and put water down the toilets inside the trailer beginning with the toilet furthest from the drain end of the tank. It's a minimum 30 to 45 minute process for 6 stalls and larger, but it can be done. You just need to make sure that the hose is pushing all the waste and tissue from the front end of the tank to rear end of the tank and your trailer needs to be level. And whoever you put in charge to do this... you will need to depend on them to be responsible and timely. 

I need janitorial services. Are these included in the rental?
If your rental is a one day event, we set-up, leave then return at the end of your event and we clean it. IF your need is beyond one day, cleaning is available but there is an additional charge for it. If you have a rental that is being pumped once or twice or so per week, your pumper will empty the waste tank, check toilet tissue, seat cover and hand soap supplies. He/She does not mop the floors, wipe down toilets and sinks or empty waste cans. We do offer these services and it is common that we are contracted to maintain and clear our rental restrooms.

How much room do you require for one of your rental bathroom units? 
We always want to ask "How much room do you have?" ... It is not just the trailer size itself that drivers and operations are concerned with. No, it's several things. Consider a 28'to 53' trailer: People say "I have room for that trailer!" ... Seems reasonable to them. After all, we just told them the length and they have an area that is that long! Do you know the average One Ton Truck is about 17' in length? And, you can add another 12' or so if it's a semi pulling that trailer. So we have the trailer and the truck footage together that must be considered. Semi's need nearly 100' to bring in the largest of portable restroom trailers... And even the smaller trailers, say a 7 to 10 stall bathroom trailer... Holy cow, we're 45' long driving down the freeway so when our driver arrives at your site and he needs more than just the width and length of your toilet trailer rental to be able to maneuver his truck to get it into position.   If you are unsure of the access at your location, call the office. We want you to have a wonderful stress free experience for this need... Access to location and trailer size issues aren't what you need. Give us call and we'll go over everything you need to consider in advance!

Can I have a pump truck either stay onsite or arrive at specific times to service my portable restrooms?
Absolutely, we offer time sensitive service, same day, weekend, after hours and emergency services. We can also arrange for one or several vacuum trucks with operators for large events. Just let us know what the specifics are so we can work out the details in pricing.

How do I know how many stalls I need?
There are many variables that affect that answer: The portable restroom trailer model, how many hours will it be used, is it primarily men, women or about half and half. Is it an event where alcohol will be served, etc... Every situation is unique and we're happy to do the calculation for you!

We are customer service driven. Please let us know of any special needs you have so that we meet and exceed your expectations. 

We go above and beyond to provide anything and everything you need... Including attendants that will cater to guests for event rental needs.



When Frank called, he said he needed a toilet trailer for the racetrack. And I had the perfect trailer for him. A 16 stall restroom trailer rental with checkerboard flooring and black and white decor. It was a perfect match. Regardless how large an event may be, we can fulfill your portable toilet and portable restroom trailer needs. 

These larger restroom trailers will require anywhere from 36' to 53' in length and 16' width. Water needs are a basic hose spigot or water tank with water delivery and we can provide both if needed. 

Because many of these units are custom, power requirements will vary ranging from 3 - 110v / 20 to 30amp designated connections to a Single 50 amp twist lock connection. Onboard black tanks provide waste capacity anywhere from 800 - 3000 gallons.

As shared above, these units are available in a variety of configurations with some models featuring many more urinals than others. We will match your needs to the toilet trailer that best fits your specific situation.

As a National provider, we can meet any need in a timely manner and provide portable toilet rentals from a location closest to where your need is which allows us to save you money!

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12 & 13 STALL


Concert promoters and event organizers grasps  the importance of clean restrooms and their association with attendees experience, branding and its value. The understand that guests may not remember how clean a mobile restroom trailer was but they will remember a poorly maintained or dirty toilet trailer. Experience equals revenue and that's true for most situations that require temporary toilets.

Featuring running water, flushing toilets, A/C & Heat, stainless steel stall doors and water saving urinals, we can meet your needs with one or multiple trailers, provide a technician for larger events to ensure your experience is equal to your guests, pump and dispose of black waste and meet any special needs such as multiple ADA Toilet rentals. 

Portable Toilets & Portable Toilet Trailers, regardless of how basic a model is, can be dressed up to meet your specific need. 

Several of our portable restroom trailers feature onboard fresh tanks. All rental toilets have built in waste tanks and power requirements can from Two to Three (depending on the trailer), 110v 20 to 30 AMP connections. Exterior lighting allows for 24 hour use.  

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Portable Restroom Trailers

w/ Up To Twenty (20) Stalls

Portable Restroom Trailers

with Sixteen (16) Stalls

Portable Restroom Trailers

with ​Twelve (12) Stalls 

Large Portable Toilet Trailers

Festival Toilet Rentals Available With 12 - 20 Stalls

17 - 20 STALL


Providing for large crowds, our larger restroom trailer rentals have anywhere 10 to 20 stalls. Dual entry and exit doors assist in diminishing long lines at events. These larger bathroom trailers generally feature an area with multiple urinals on the men's side as well as two to four men's stalls. Hand wash sinks are often found on the exterior of these units, another feature which helps contribute to shorter lines for large concert, racetrack and festival events.

Perfect for short or long term rental needs, you won't find granite counter tops or laminate flooring in these units, but you will find durable materials such as stainless steel which can withstand heavy traffic and long term use. 

A/C, Heat & Lighting are powered by either an on-board generator or temp generator, water provided by onsite source or a potable water tank which we can provide. Black water containment tanks are generally large w/ a capacity up to 3000 gallons on these large porta potty trailers. 

These restroom trailer rentals can arrive with everything needed to provide you with a self contained portable restroom trailer. We can meet any large restroom trailer need.

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