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Single Portable Shower Trailer 

4 Stall Portable Shower Trailers


Shower Restroom Trailer Combos

Utilization of the 4 Stall Shower Trailer is quite diverse as it has been rented by contractors for remodeling projects, Production Managers for location shoots, military field operations and sports training teams.

We have three different styles of the 4 Head Portable Shower Trailer. Model I features 4 private shower rooms, each with a toilet, vanity, sink, mirror and it's own stairs. These units require a larger footprint as there are two shower rooms per side.

Model II is the hotel style 4 Head portable shower trailer. Popular for those with a mix of men and women as each shower room has a full solid door and full bathtub size shower. Model III

While two of the models feature small water tanks, Model II provides 1500 Gallons of water storage and can provide up to 150 Ten Minute showers

Measuring less than 22 Ft in length, we remind you that the 4 Stall requires a 22' x 22' footprint.

You can direct connect to water and sewer if such is available.

Single Stall Shower Trailers


Portable Shower Restroom Combo

What do Contractor and Concert Promoters have in common? Nope, it's not a job. The answer is simple. Both have rented single Shower trailers and combo shower restroom trailers before. 

Contractors remodel residential bathrooms and when they do, they tend to do all restrooms in the home at once. That works fine for them, but for the homeowner, not so much. Often homeowners check in to a hotel just so they have a restroom and shower facilities.  Contractors who remodel often, will sell the customer on providing them with a real portable shower trailer with a real flushing toilet in it close the sale. 

Concert Promoters frequently use these small single shower trailers to provide their headliner artists a place to refresh prior to taking the stage. 

These single units feature onboard fresh and waste tanks and require a single plug to operate. 

Shown above is just one of five styles we offer. Emergency delivery available for those in need of an same day shower trailer delivery. 



We have Portable Shower Trailer Rentals in a variety of Sizes. We have industrial showers, Luxury Shower Trailer Rentals, Event Shower Trailers, Portable Restroom Trailers and yes, we have Luxury Restroom Trailers for those black tie events... We even have Portable Toilets or Porta Potties as some call them!

Here you will find our most popular 2 Stall Portable Shower Trailers, 3 Stall Portable Shower Trailers, 4 Stall and Single Stall Shower Trailers...

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Portable shower trailers, Luxury Showers and ADA portable restroom trailers available for emergency delivery. We can provide combination trailers which has showers and restrooms. ADA Compliant Shower Trailers, Generators, Mobile Laundry Trailers and more available to fulfill your equipment rental needs. 

Portable Shower Trailers Available For Rent By the Day, Week, Month, Six Months or longer. 

Rentals vary in size, number of shower stalls and style. Cost is based on a number of factors: Shower Trailer rental term, number of shower stalls in your Shower Trailer, location and additional equipment needs, such as a Generator, Potable Water truck or grey water disposal.  We are available 24/7 to answer questions and can provide Same Day Delivery for most Emergency Shower Trailer Rentals. Feel free to call 858.602.6639.

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2 Head Shower Trailers


Shower Restroom Trailer Combos

Ideal for those who need a couple of showers or portable showers and restrooms, these smaller portable shower trailer and shower restroom trailers feature potable water tanks and waste water tanks making it possible for this little shower trailer to provide hot showers anywhere, regardless of how remote it may be.

Production Managers and Location Scouts utilize portable shower trailers for on location film shoots. On reality shows, we often provide larger trailers, potable water delivery, waste water hauling and removal as well as temporary housing if the cast doesn't arrive by tour buses. 

Campgrounds in need of just a few extra shower heads will often opt for a 2 stall, 3 stall, 4 or 6 stall which allows them to offer campers hot showers without waiting in long lines.

Burning man die hard fans may love the desert during the festival, but they also like cleaning up after a long day in the sun. We provide showers to Burning Man fans, no problem!

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4 Stall Portable Shower Trailer 

3 Stall Portable Shower Trailer 

2 Stall Portable Shower Trailer 

2 Head Shower Trailers
Shower Restroom Trailer Combos

The majority of 3 Stall mobile shower trailers are unisex and that is because these small shower trailers feature three individual and very private rooms. Each room has a shower stall, hanging hooks, sink, mirror, vanity and very nice lighting. Exterior lights provide safe access and allow guests to utilize the shower trailers 24/7.

With their potable water tank and waste tanks, they can be considered self contained shower trailers, but it is best to remember that most of these smaller shower trailers have relatively small potable water tanks. That said, the average guest will take a 10 minute shower in these portable shower units. And, the shower head provides approximately One Gallon of water per minute. That computes to an average of 10 Gallons of water per shower. So if you rent a shower trailer and it has a 250 Gallon onboard tank, you can expect to get about 25 showers before the unit will need pumped. 

If you are connected directly to sewer and a hose spigot, you can shower for eternity or at lease until the propane runs out!